Monday, January 18, 2010

Birds and squirrels acting strange. What's the problem?

Over the past few weeks, I have noticed that some of the birds and squirrels around my house have been behaving very strangely, almost as if they are drunk. One squirrel kept hopping up on the tree and then it would jump to the ground and keep flipping over on its back obsessively but then it would flip back over and continue to eat. Another squirrel climbed on to the top of my patio and just sat in one place for probably half hour. He looked dazed, in fact I thought he was dying but he later moved, but rather sluggishly. One bird sat and stretched out its wings on the patio roof and behaved just as strangely, then I found a dead bird in the backyard, probably the same bird. I have very large trees and lots of shrubbery and the trees have berries. Is it possible that the berries are doing something to these animals??? These trees have always been here, and we've never seen this happen before. Any explanations?Birds and squirrels acting strange. What's the problem?
Perhaps the squirrel has gotten into some fermented berries, this happens quite a lot. Also, if it gets into garbage with peaches or strawberries, these two fruits ferment quickly and it could be possible that he really is ';drunk'; on fermented fruitBirds and squirrels acting strange. What's the problem?
If the berries fall off the trees and lay on the ground long enough, the sugars can actually start to ferment and produce alcohol. I've heard of robins literally getting falling-over drunk by eating fermented berries, so YES, it's possible something they're eating is getting them sloshed.
maybe the birds and squirrels are happy or hype!!!!, maybe you should leave them alone
sounds like they have got into something fermented. when they do they act goofy and drunk like that.
Sounds like the squirrels would be fun 2 watch!!!

Ask your local vet
There could be poison in the water supply. Pollution kills animals and people keep polluting. Animals die every day. There is no money in saving animals, people just keep building and polluting.
It's strange and beyond me. But I do hope they are not slightly poisoned by something in your neighbourhood. I heard animals can sense any coming slight change in the weather or climate. Could this be the reason? I just don't know.
give them breathelizer

hmm,what exactly are you feeding those animals?

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